Cannot install elive last stable version

Dear, can anyone help me to know how to solve this issue. I'm trying to install elive but I cannot. Check image above. Please. I don't want to turn back to W10. Noted, I'm totally newbie.


What if you, considering your picture, push "y"?
Normally that will gives you a shell, with >>>
& here you can try to write: startx, and run it pushing enter key...
It will run the startx process and perhaps display other datas...


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Is this the first boot with the live USB, DVD or what?
Is it 3.0 Stable or amd64 Beta (3.8.11) ? As Stable will have issues with that driver.
Sorry @DSC_at , I oversaw the "stable" mention in the title.

The VGA driver required should be available in Beta or maybe try one of the other boot options, like safe mode.

From the message you can ascertain that the system is running but the graphic drivers do not work as they should. Normally these CPU sets and integrated intel graphics should simply work. :thinking:

Seems, you got a 32bit computer running?
Did you download the 32 bit release? Or ?
Which one?

Did you follow the instructions - how to write back an image to an USB stick ?

64 bit will not boot on 32 bit CPUs, not at all.
That would give a totally different message and would not even show the boot screen.... it can't.

The W: warning message there is from X11 and "startx" will show the same data, alas.
The shown Intel graphics controller (i915) is in use since 2016 so certainly post Stable with it's older kernel. "