Cant change time / changes bios time

Hi friends, first post in the new forum and back to elive from a long (and very missed) period of about 9 years. I’m having trouble to configure the hour. Changed it from bios and Elive changed it back to it’s own (!?). Any suggestion?

"tzdata" and/or "timedatectl" would do that, if it's configured to the old timezone.

As a first I'd try "timedatectl status" to show what it has as settings.
Then if need be use "timedatectl set-timezone Europe/Moscow"

What is can be ? and where it takes old time zone ( I used this TZ by setup Elive ) ?

Yes it is, every time.

Another thing you could do: (from
"echo "TZ='Europe/Moscow'; export TZ" >> ~/.zshrc"

and every time you login it should set your timezone..... Which it does when you invoke "date" but the time shown in E16 is still the the time set in "tzdata". :baffled:

  • You can test those commands directly if you want to i.e not needing a suspend or such to test. the effect in "date" can be seen immediately

I think the source of your issue could be:

That should set your timezone once a connection is up but will fall back on the last one used when there is no connection...i.e your old settings.

OTOH: Could it be that your WiFi Access Point is still set on your previous geolocation and is being used as ntp server?

You are absolutely right! This script changed the timezone after connect to wifi.
I just removed it to another folder.

Thank you very much for help.

I continue enjoy Elive.

That is a lot of working out.

I thought that modifying "hour configuration" would do the trick.

Hourconfigurator is just a menu shortcut to "dpkg-reconfigure tzdata" but it's setting get overridden/corrected at a later stage when a network connection is set up by network-manager.

yep, elive has its own automated configurator of time based on your ip geolocation (mmh, maybe this is a problem if someone is using a vpn), which is not very known since there's nothing related to that in the user's applications menus

check this file like on this example to know what has detected and using:

~ ❯❯❯ cat /etc/elive-tools/geolocation/timezones.conf
bios mode:::LOCAL

Unfortunately there's not a tool yet made to configure the time manually OR to manage this automated tool, which is used everytime your network changes, the script tool that does that is /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/timezone-update

but yeah, we need a tool for the user reconfigure / manage the time on its own way :thinking:

@Thanatermesis, Thanks for the clarification! I live and work in different timezones. But my both routers ( at home and at work-place ) have the same WIFI SSID. Timezone-update set up my home timezone, because all parametes in timezones.conf equal for home timezone.

I prefer change timezone manually. It's not a big problem for me. :^)

Thank you all for your answers and attention to my small problem.

I did that for a time too (home and Ship router/AP) but after a while it got cumbersome and unclear ..... also in respect to IP addresses and ssh/vpn connections.
So I gave my home router a different SSID and IP range and never had any issues any more. :+1: