Cant change time / changes bios time


Hi friends, first post in the new forum and back to elive from a long (and very missed) period of about 9 years. I’m having trouble to configure the hour. Changed it from bios and Elive changed it back to it’s own (!?). Any suggestion?


Hi Willy, the easiest way to get the correct timezone is to set it during the setup/installation.

Later tzconfig should do the trick (Linux Certif - Man tzconfig(8)), and when the timezone is set, date (Linux Certif - Man date(1)) should help, without going in the BIOS again.

May you’ll need to take a look at hwclock (Linux Certif - Man hwclock(8)), as well. Especially if you’re doing dualboot.


Thanks for the answer, its not in my repos, but gave me the idea. Package datetimeconf is in the repos, but have to execute it manually doing sudo /usr/bin/datetimeconf. As ppl say here in Argentina, “I drowned in a glass of water”. :cowboy_hat_face:


Well… worked for about 10 minutes. any ideas


Timezone is fixed on your system.
If the Time is ‘jumping’, something is responsible. Mostly any kind of NTP service.

For just test if it is the reason, open a terminal and type:
sudo /etc/init.d/ntp stop
after checking, reactivate it with
sudo /etc/init.d/ntp stop

please check

I’m not in any linux, right now. So I can’t say any specific.

The ntp-server should not be the reason. If the server is far away (maybe in another timezone), only the jitter-values will go high and the correction will be about some seconds instead of milliseconds.

what is the output of ‘date’? There should be a Date, a time and a timezone. The Timezone is important. For example CET (Central European time)


fairly simple, use
“sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata”
to set date and time to your wanted location…