Can't move things around anymore using my touchscreen

Before, on my laptop, I was able to use my Touch Screen and move things around.

I was holding some key on the keyboard and could Press in the middle of the window and move it.

I could also Enlarge or reduce windows size, click icons etc

I lost that functionality...

If you had a guess, could it be one of the recent updates that created my problem or may be is some key combination I pressed that turned something off ?

Not that important to me but it was nice to use my touchscreen...

Tks !

Any guesses are welcome

That would be holding Ctrl+Alt and then moving the window or you need to "grab" the top bar of the window to move it.

If you have set i.e 2 or 3 finger tap as "right-click" then you'd get the resize options but ..... you can get those too by clicking/tapping in the small blue rectangle, top left of the window.....or by holding Ctrl and pinch to resize (depending on the application accepting it).
Practically your touch-screen should (at the least) have the same functionality as your touch-pad.

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Tks will make more tests........