Change interface Language

With one of the older Elive, if I wanted to reconfigure my interface language or Keyboard, I simly had to RESTART the Desktop Config and it would also ask for Keyboard and interface Language

With the new Elive ( last version of 32 bits in in my case for this question) what is the easiest way to change the GUI language for my main account / user I used during the installation...

I just reinstalled my slow laptop with the last version of Elive 32 bits but choose the wrong language by mistake...

Would that be system wide language change or just the desktop (E16 or 23) ?
For system change:

Where this would seem the easiest way:
"dpkg-reconfigure locales"

For just enlightenment "preferences"- "reconfigure desktop settings" should suffice.

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IT worked !
it was long but did the job

I will need to betatest the Keyboard and Language reconfigurations for both the Live mode and Installed modes... before the next build

BTW @yoda any feedback in "lightness" (this means speed) comparing the stable 3.0 vesion with the last beta's (e16) ? Any feedback with the new e23 too ?

just to be sure, you want me to make some more test / use E23 during the day and see how it goes ?
I am using Elive 64 bits last version E16 everywhere.

@yoda not something specific, just how e23 feels better in speed terms, resources usage I assume are close

about "change interface language" as this topic says, "apug" will include now an own elive configurator for language and keybord :slight_smile: it has been not deeply betatested but should work pretty good making life easier for when is needed / wanted to change them

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Command Line ? Or through the menu ? ( how do we use it)

yes it should appear in the apps menus (after re-login)