Changing screen resolution

I use an Nvidia GTX970 graphics card with proprietary driver. The configured resolution is 3840 x 2160, which is a little hard to read on a 24" monitor.

I can change the resolution to 2560 x 1440, using the GUI tool, but I can't make the changes permanent because this must be done as root, which this app does not support. (So I have to do it again with each boot.) So I either need somehow to use this tool as root or make the changes manually, editing the config file directly. What should I do?

Hello Robert,
on a first welcome to the forum. We'll help out as best we can.

  • Kindly tell which Elive version you're using. That way we'll know what's up.

If it's Elive Beta with E16 the you can use the tool in "settings"->"Screen settings" and set the wanted resolution there and save the configuration (under an own name) when asked. It doesn't require root privileges to do so.
You can also call the tool from command line with "arandr"....even with sudo prefix if you need to but I doubt that'll make much difference.

I always used arandr as user and it always worked fine.
For uncommon screen resolutions tho it happened to me to write some scripts (3 lines long usually, using xrandr tool) to run at boot