ClamAV - Updating Issues

I have been having problems updating ClamAV. I have had to update it manually by downloading the virus definitions and putting them in the /var/lib/ClamAV folder. This is not an ideal situation... can anyone help?

Umm, it does seem a little outdated ...... have you updated and upgraded recently (apug) or is this Stable 3.0.6

It is the Stable version. Thank you for responding! Any suggestions?

Hm, it could be because of the outdated SSL stuff on Stable.
Until you fix it, you could make a shell script that automates downloading the virus definitions and moving them over.

3.0.6 is also quite old so if you do want a modern system there's the Beta version. It's less polished than the Stable one though, but you can also customise the E16 to be pretty great with @triantares' guide Tutorial on handling E16 by customizing the desktop.

Thanks so much. I have wanted to upgrade to the beta edition, but haven't found the time. I appreciate the help! In the meantime, I will try your suggestion. 0.99.4 is the current engine in the repository; should I attempt to upgrade to 0.104.2 (listed on the clamav website) or is Elive 3.0 not compatible? Thanks again!

The Stable Version is 32Bit. Most developers are not supporting 32bit, since 2021. The newer Elive - Beta Download is 64bit.

ClamAVNet - In this case clamav-0.104.2.linux.i686.deb is 32bit, and you are free to install the package.
But maybe there will be dependency issues on dpkg -i clamav-0.104.2.linux.i686.deb. Than you need to build it by your own ... At this point it is much easier to upgrade to Elive Beta.