Compiling the Evidence file Manager on Elive 3.8

Okay, this might sound a bit ridiculous, but i think ill find other enthusiasts here. On older elive Versions i found the Evidence file manager. But its sadly gone now. Compiling fails (unsurprising, code base from 2005). Can someone help me out here? Maybe some already did something in this direction.

The program needs the EFL Ecore, Evas and Eet libarys. But ancient versions of course. (0.9-1.0)

Thanks a lot!

@Thanatermesis might have some info about this

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You can get the EFL from these versions using their GIT, I assume you should compile it with a different prefix like --prefix=/opt/efl-0.9-1/ or similar options, then you should compile evidence using this compiled efl, and maybe, if you are lucky, you can run it :slight_smile:

This is not tried, you probably had difficult compiling this version of EFL (incompatible xorg version or libs maybe?), another option is to fork evidence and trying to make it working on newer EFL, just like the "elicit" app that stills working today

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Thanks for the advice!

I thought about tweaking the code to make it compatible, i already fixed some statements refering to the jpg and png libs, but i gave up at the point where the code was refering to some Evas functions, that i couldnt even find in old Evas versions.

Forking it to new EFL probably would be the best, but my programming knowladge is close to zero sadly. Only know a bit of BASH programming.

I look what i can do.

Just for the record, there's 2 screenshots of evidence dating 2005:

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