Compiz, Ecomorph, Enlightment 101

I would like to better understand more what is under the hood…

I see words like compiz, ecomorph, Enlightement and I would like to know which is what / part of which…

  • Is Ecomorph that we are using, that we can turn off/OFF part of COMPIZ ( or it’s the same thing ) ? And they are some plugin / add-on available within the Enlightenment Desktop ?

  • Will all those components be compatible with new versions of Debian toward which we’ll move ?

Tks !


  • Enlightenment: your desktop “interface”, what manages entirely everything that runs on the graphical system, alternatives: kde, gnome, xfce, etc…
  • Composite: is a “layer” in the graphical system, let’s say between your desktop (enlightenment) and your screen that modify’s the visuals, like adding transparencies, etc… can be used accelerated by hardware or by software (using the cpu instead the gpu), which is best compatible and working in any computer, no matter which graphical card the person has
  • E-module: is like plugins or extensions for your Enlightenment desktop, one of them is Composite, or Ecomorph, Engage, or some Elive own plugins too, like emodule-internet
  • Ecomorph: is a fork of Compiz made to work with Enlightenment, so its a compiz very different that has been renamed.
  • Compiz: compiz is like a composite layer using strictly 3d-accelerated hardware, adding nice visuals, there’s not much distros that still uses is today even if looks and works good, Elive uses it in the form of Ecomorph

In short, you can turn on/off anything that you want :slight_smile:

Mmmh, all the listed things are pretty exclusive of Elive, so debian has not it by default, so the answer is: newer elive with newer debian base should take care to make all compatible or to implement their own alternatives

PD: this is a kind of glosary documentation, where we could publish this information easily to find for who wants it?

Why not put it under FAQs?


tks for your suggestion @LarryDC
I moved it to the FAQ

How 2 eNable EcoMorph or Open its Config, Please?


press Windows + r (or right click on the desktop) and look for ecomorph in the menu.
btw @Thanatermesis, did you update it lately? it looks way faster since the last update. My radeon hd 2400 gave some problem with the “full” mode, for example the cube animation for the multi virtual desktop used to stutter (so i switched to normal mode) , but now it doesn’t anymore! it’s smooth af! Same thing for the ati 2600 xt ( and i do not thing it was due to a driver update…. they haven’t been updated in a while ahah)
edit: i just realized the 2600xt is better than the 2400 hd even if it’s running on a agp interface

Thanx 4 your help stoppy98, now that I’ve the i candy working, Where’s the Clock? & whY can’t I C & Control the Volume from the System Tray or Dock & Monitor my Battery Level? Please?

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Ps. I Apologize that I Surf or Drift between the LiteWait Desktop eNvironments, XFCE or LXDE or E17, so might 4get or Lose Track! However I Like I Kandy Like Compiz & Elive without the Bloat of KDE & GNome, so I Suck Up a Degree of Learning Curve Frustration!


Max Stuff like volume control, clock, etc. fall under gadgets. Gadgets do not have to be in a certain place – you put them where you want them; this is enlightenment after all, and it is your desktop. If you want them in the tray, right-click on the tray and pick ‘contents’. Explore further what else you can add. On the desktop, you can add a clock. Why not go to the gadgets menu? You can go and add the clock right there. After it shows up, and the position is not right, or the size, slide or hover your mouse over it, and hints like a moving arrow will help you slide (or resize) the clock in the direction you want. I hope I was able to explain it clearly; I find that playing around and experimenting teaches a lot better =]