Configuring multiple screens easy and automated

Configure multiple screens can be a difficult thing

Since Elive don’t use bloated gnome/kde environments, it needs to make sure that these applications are well integrated with the system, but is also an opportunity to improve the user-experience in a more ‘unique Elive way to do it’

Before, there was 2 different tools to configure screens before, but they were not enough to fit the Elive experience:

  • Screens configurator of Enlightenment: on the version E17 that we use for Elive, it includes an old configurator that was not fully correctly working
  • Arandr: this was a very nice, simple, and friendly small gtk application to configure screens. Unfortunately it was not possible to restore configurations at boot, and it didn’t set the primary screen

So, Elive wrote it’s own multiscreen feature!

Amazing features:

  • Detects if you have multiple screens connected and ask you if you want to configure them (if was not before)
  • Hardware-based profile configurations
  • At desktop login, load your screen configurations, unless it detects that they are not connected the same way
  • Able to select your primary screen
  • Handy desktop hotkey configured to switch between screens fast
  • Detect changes in your configuration and ask if you want to apply them at desktop login
  • cli-featured, like always!
  • Uses the graphical arandr as part of the tool, which is friendly to use

Mentions: @grottem @jfbourdeau @subrms