Conky config destroyed by accident [SOLVED]

I tried to add weather info in conky and I think I destroyed the original .conkyrc file.
conky doesn't start at login and if I launch it by the menu, it show a small black rectangle written with too big white text on the top left of the screen and I don't see half the info in it.

can I reinstall conky or dpkg-reconfigure it ? Or is there another config somewhere I can copy ?


If you simply run Elive in live mode you can either

  • copy the .conkyrc there directly to your home directory
  • or use an external device like a flashdisk
  • or ....... run Elive in Virtualbox and copy from there

or mount the iso and copy from there.

I've got no running Elive here, but with my limited knowledge about linux, I would try
ls -al /etc/skel/.

In /etc/skel is everything, that will be copied to a new /home/[user]/ when you're using adduser [user].
This is a one-time action. Existing users won't be effected from changes in /etc/skel.

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Thanks! It was there. I had forgotten the skeletons and its almost Halloween!
:skull_and_crossbones: :+1:


Thanks! I still had the USB with Elive ISO. I had forgotten it!


In case anyone here prefers GUIs, you can use the tool elive-skel which adds a graphical interface. Another feature only available in Elive :w00t: