Consideration for the installer

On running an upgrade i.e opting to upgrade an existing installation something struck me.

If I'd be running the amd64 live/install version over a 32 bit installed system, the installer would offer to crossgrade the existing 32bit to 64.....same as it would offer to migrate an existing other distro installation to Elive.

IMO a nifty (future) feature would be if the installer took note of a non-encrypted filesystem and then would offer the option to recreate the system as encrypted.
I know it's do-able but not sure if the Elive installer is up to that or ....

  • If it's just my geeky mind that would like something like that and there's no one else who even sees sense in that. :thinking:

All input appreciated. :smiley14:


Is it possible also migrating an encrypted one to non-encrypted?

If you know the password: Yes probably ...
but haven't really looked into that.

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Well, if we are more far with our DE then,
it might be worth some efforts -
but now..... who (or how many) would really need a Cross-Upgrade from the i386 to amd64 yet :confusing:

Well from what I gather quite a few.
Apparently a number of people first download the free 32bit Beta to check if it's worthwhile to donate for the 64bit version.
For instance @stoppy98 cross-migrated his 32 to 64 bit using the Debian howtos before getting the amd64 Beta download link for being on the forum. :1up:


True. Though i would not suggest this practice :joy:


Hi, your geeky?


That would be a smart idea..a very useful one too!

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this would be really nice, but is technically not possible (encryption is a luks layer before the filesystem, which means to re-create the partitions, i dont think is possilbe to add it only the fly or maybe im wrong missing a nice feature from Luks, the only way is to backup all data and copy it back later) , the only possible thing is to show a message to the user saying that his system is not encrypted and is suggested to create a new install to have encryption

why not? elive converts (upgrades) your system between one to another arch (any) on the fly without any issues :slight_smile:

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Technically it could, by creating a backup/clone and then copying/cloning the existing structure and data into the newly created encrypted partition-scheme.
Or am I being overly simplistic there? :thinking:

Because doing it by yourself my result in a mess.
If you let elive upgrader do it on the other end nothing will go wrong.
And by "yourself" i'm referring to a dumbass like me

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Aye, "In Thana we trust" :smiley14:

What can go wrong? :magick:

Stumbled upon this HowTo which is aimed at Ubuntu and using "ecryptfs" but it doesn't look too hard IMO to do that with Elive. :thinking:

It would actually be easier from the installer [ than later on] as creating a second admin-user is superfluous from a running live instance.
I'll give it a go once I've finished making a back-up of my (400Gb of data) in my /home directory. :slightly_frowning_face:
After that I'll upgrade that (3.8.9) to 3.8.11 and see how that turns out.


As Buster does not have an installation candidate for ecryptfs this won't be possible on Elive without jumping through some extra hoops. Gaaaah. :disappointed: