Cool app to manage sound sources / output using an APP

Install the package

Allow to easily change the output source ( headset, speaker etc)


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Do you have this in E16?
In E23 there's no systray, so it does nothing and it cannot be found as a command. :thinking:

yes e16.....

now reinstall my Elive 32 bits laptop.... Became somekind of unresponsive after shutting down the wrong way a few times...

I tried Manjaro XFCS 32 bits and had some issues and tried Manjaro XFCE 64 bits (too slow for that laptop), so installing clean, Elive 32 :wink:

When will you learn?
Elive hooks you for life, there's no escape. :rofl2:

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Elive's Rock solid on 2 of my PCs

on my slow HP latop, was going well but just had some issues I didn't feel for troubleshooting, but reinstalling it clean and I'll be more carefull with battery managment and bad shutdown


On my TV home PC (IBM) had some weird sound issues and removed,... sure it's simply related to that specific hardware... (was having a sound glitch at regular interval while watching TV...)

that's probably the biggest limitation to us for using e23

for example, nm-applet (internet configurator) doesn't appears, the strange thing is that it is meant to use the new system which should be compatible (app indicator), not sure if the bug is in nm-applet or in E23 :thinking: , in any case this bug is not reported to E (somebody should test first if happens in other systems like, manjaro or mint or something, so last E + nm-applet with the systray module enabled)

I have an "exlight" iso with E22 .... I'll check if that has the systray module.

more exactly, the emodule is there, but the E guys are a bit strict and removed the "xembed" which is the traditional (old) way to use systray from the module, because xembed is crap, unfortunately this makes some apps (that uses the old xembed system) not work

the new one is appindicator or similar name IIRC, includes also the menus to be compatible with your own desktop theme (menus system), which makes it confusing (feeling that is directly part of your desktop and not an external app)

in short, e22 may (or not) still use the old xembed system, but the strange thing is that nm-applet is meant to use the new system and it doesn't works on e23... bug on nm-applet or in the systray module ?

Frankly, I'm totally unclear what you are referring to here. :thinking:

Is that some internal thingy or is it accessible through he settings menu?
How do I test that?

  • That is IMO opinion a big downside of enlightenment: everything gets hidden in the .edj files and are supposed to regulate/organize themselves, hiding the .conf files from user interference.
    If it was 100% foolproof that would've been (almost) OK .... but for now it's a buggy inaccessible mess.
  • I'm doing my best to find bugs but actually cannot define them because I cannot separate encountered issues from the Desktop in total ... i.e by trying to run certain instances via commandline to provoke the bug. :sniff:

To be clear: I like E23 and what it's supposed to become and frankly I've not noticed any speed or usage slowdowns compared to E16 ...... only a tad too many bugs, half worked out features and a general instability.

On the whole I'd say E23 (and up) is a very good Desktop-to-be and (here I go again :wink: ) once optimally configured something we could justly ask a donation for, leaving E16 as the free (as in beer) alternative.