Cool Open Source Browser 32 and 64 bit

Not many words to say, just awesome :mwahaha: -

just check out by yourself:

:smiley14: :coding:


Now testing it in 3.7.7-32, I can play Accuradio, import manually my bookmarks and passwords.

It looks nice, I'll work today with it with my common tabs (Accuradio, Protonmail, Linkedin + several other tabs) in my slow HP to see if is faster than Chromium.

In fact, as is a Firefox fork I prefer it because no G integration added.

Thanks @Rebel450 to let us to know it, I'll give @Thanatermesis and you all my feedback in some days working with it.

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Palemoon uses "Goanna" engine, that's interesting... (since the most common ones so horribly bloated)

How is the performance and specially ram usage ? (run htop or conky, check the ram usage, open it, see how much the usage is grown, do the same after opening 10 google tabs)

Good job for @maxinou,
he is on it these days

just realized that he already is done with it
and also added screenshots

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Take a look here: