Create an Alexa App using Amazon SDK within Elive?


Amazon alexa is accessible through Iphone or android App.
You can interact with Alexa with other devices than Amazon, I think you need an Amazon Prime account ( at least, I have and I was aple to place a call for free through the internet through Alexa Iphone App ! Free call Canada, USa, Mexico !!)

Some people seem to be able to use the sdk of Alexa to incorporate Alexa within their OS

As our loved os is called Elive (Alive), it would make a lot of sense to have some AI ( Alexa) listening to us through our Webcam microphone !!! Allowing us to use Alexa…



I always tried to include speech recognition in Elive, that could be possible, but reality shows that in fact it is not a so very used / useful feature, see for example Siri of iPhone, is a very good feature deeply integrated in the OS with tons of hooks and things to make it easy (you save a lot of time/steps to do some things, like “add a memo about…” or “alarm in 2 minutes”), but in the real world, nobody uses it


We are both right LOL some use voice recognition and other do not.

Me , my 26 years old, and 21 years old son use Siri all day long LOL

But i think it is not a priority at all… Let’s wait for amazon or someone else to do the job so we only need to " install an app"

Note : don’t forget about Alexa and google home sales exploding :wink:


Really? hum… well, at least Siri is -pretty- well made

yeah not a priority, specially since elive has no market lol


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