Creating a shell script

I am looking the way to execute a "Terminal Command" from a Menu.


Not really sure what you're asking here.

If you want to run a command you open a terminal, type (or paste) the command and then hit -Enter- to run it.

I guess
he mean something like quake (?)

I means to have as ".bat" as W, where I write linux commands to be executed by Terminal and put this archive in Menu.

Still not getting you.

You want to create a collection of executable files and short cut those ?

Do you got an example (+screenshot) ??

The absolutely simplest way:

You put the commands you want to run in a text file. Let's call it batch.txt
Each command on a line of it's own.
They will be executed in that order in your shell/terminal if you call the file with: "source batch.txt".
If you want to run it in another than your default shell (zsh) call it with that shell command i.e: "bash batch.txt"

The file does not have to be made executable when called in that fashion.

Am not sure,
I think he meant something like
"create executable file here"

just create a file, start it with:


and then your commands, like "touch testfile"

right click on it, set "execute" permissions

double click on the file, it can be executed now :slight_smile:


Please write your request in your native language,
I am quite sure that @triantares could reply better then :kissing_smiling_eyes:

I have discover a world with the bash file