Critical error recompiling .edje for Enlightenment (E24+)

As the header says, I get a critical error recompiling a theme for E22+ saying:

edje_cc: Critical. GROUP elm/datetime/base/default - state 'visible:0' does not exist for part 'clipper'; set in program 'disable_datetime'

I cannot find where it's going wrong i.e why 'visible: 0' doesn't exist. :face_with_thermometer:
There was a typo in 'datetime.edc but I corrected that and keep getting this error.'
Anybody got any pointers there?


Never mind, found it.
It's a compiler version error. :face_with_thermometer:

bugger the bloody compiler

is it e22 - or e23 _ as Thanatermesis pointed out lately ?

Could be even higher after a while ....... hence the "+". It's a "catch-all". :wink:

Anyway, the theme was compiled for/on E19 and throws errors on e17 (stable) and e22+ here. :frowning_face: