Customizations in steroids


I want to promote more the Customizations concepts, I want to open a wide possibility of them, for that, Im thinking to add an extra category in the forums for now, something like:

  • Users Corner -> Customizations

But there’s customizations of different things, applications, themes, styles… how they can be organized ? all in a single subcategory? mmmh, not convinced

Examples of different topics:

  • conky is a desktop widget very powerful and customizable (themes) that improves a lot the appearance and the computer stats (cpu usage, most resource eating apps, time, email, weather…), google for conky themes and you see amazing ones !
  • terminal colorschemes: a colorscheme for the terminal customized by the users changes the terminal colors, but the default ones are excelent for sure! but let’s say a user wants a “Matrix” theme, so will need some green colors
  • icon themes: GTK icon themes can change a lot the aspect of the desktop too, there’s many already made !
  • fonts: change the fonts for your menu, applications, etc…
  • themes: gtk themes changes the look of most of your applications (since they are based in gtk)
  • enlightenment themes (already included in users-corner category)
  • wallpapers (already included too)

So I assume we should simply have a sub-set (selection) of these sub-categories to add in users-corner ?

Many icon / themes / customizations available on where users can try and play with different things


More amazing ones: Browse conky | Customization | DeviantArt

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I discovered Conky when trying
Fast, a lot of possibilities and low resources !