Customizations in steroids

I want to promote more the Customizations concepts, I want to open a wide possibility of them, for that, Im thinking to add an extra category in the forums for now, something like:

  • Users Corner -> Customizations

But there’s customizations of different things, applications, themes, styles… how they can be organized ? all in a single subcategory? mmmh, not convinced

Examples of different topics:

  • conky is a desktop widget very powerful and customizable (themes) that improves a lot the appearance and the computer stats (cpu usage, most resource eating apps, time, email, weather…), google for conky themes and you see amazing ones !
  • terminal colorschemes: a colorscheme for the terminal customized by the users changes the terminal colors, but the default ones are excelent for sure! but let’s say a user wants a “Matrix” theme, so will need some green colors
  • icon themes: GTK icon themes can change a lot the aspect of the desktop too, there’s many already made !
  • fonts: change the fonts for your menu, applications, etc…
  • themes: gtk themes changes the look of most of your applications (since they are based in gtk)
  • enlightenment themes (already included in users-corner category)
  • wallpapers (already included too)

So I assume we should simply have a sub-set (selection) of these sub-categories to add in users-corner ?

Many icon / themes / customizations available on where users can try and play with different things


More amazing ones: Browse conky | Customization | DeviantArt

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I discovered Conky when trying
Fast, a lot of possibilities and low resources !

Hi all,

when you like conky,
then you must(!) have a look at "Gkrellm" , too - look:

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Im thinking to add an extra category in the forums for now, something like:

Users Corner -> Customizations

(but - you like to show your public ip herein?)

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true. Me too:

New section created :slight_smile: Customizations - Elive Forums


gkrellm ! I used it a lot in the past specially on the E16 desktop, it was like a "must" to have always running :slight_smile:

WOw tks for all those pictures.... I see very interesting Conky customizations...


take a look above, some very nice conky / Weather customizations...

The 1st 2 pictures

OK. I will try to customize. Thanks.

I will let you do it LOL LOL You'll provide me the solution...

Have fun with Google Conky, Customize, Weather LOL

But I do like a lot the simple weather display of the 1st two conky picutures

normally you have the descriptions about how ot instlal these themes in the links, good ones can be found in deviantart, the instructions explains installing one or several files, probably you need to edit them a bit for minor chnages

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And weather is exactly the one I always remove from cairo-dock (it's default in the country theme) first ... synaptic is second. :innocent:
because I still have a window (and a dog) to show me what it's like out there. :laugh:
Being a skipper, I live by the weather and have my own tricks.

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thanks @Thanatermesis for Devian Art !
A lot of nice Conky suff there

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