Debian Bullseye (next Stable release after Buster), what this means for Elive?

So we are going to have a new Debian Stable release soon [42, 44 bugs listed ATM]

What means this for Elive? in short: stay calm :slight_smile:

Basically: your system will be not switched by default, there's important reasons for that:

  • in a massive upgrade like this, your computer could become unbootable or with some features not working (at least a small % of them from the users)
  • this big change means new bugs, we don't want to have the stable environments of everybody becoming unstable in a way or other
  • if somebody wants to upgrade the full system, the most suggested way is to boot in the next iso that contains the new system, try it, verify that everything works, and then just use the upgrade mode of the installer, which also ensures to clean better the previous system and maintain your users and settings (fast, clean, guaranteed, etc...)
  • as an option, after to have betatest the new system and its upgrades, maybe the elive-ugprader tool can propopse this full upgrade

So after to understood these points, your Elive will stay stable and working, with eventual updates and improvements too, but for the full upgrade (debian-version distro switch) is recommended to boot a release of Elive in live mode and reinstall using it

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