Decentralized Internet: tools and resources

In a world where every day there's more censorship, control, manipulation, and unreliable information, we urge to move to a decentralized internet as much as possible. In the old times, the internet was a good place full of helpful information, now most of the information found exists because it wants to sell something, viralize, or to manipulate. Social media originally were meant to communicate and unite people, now is the best mass media control, the best way to sell products, and the optimal way of manipulation, social media is our new TV replacement, just like the best way to sell products, the world needs again a more neutral and free internet

This howto includes a list of tools and projects that helps us to live in a more decentralized and neutral world, it all starts from the knowledge so its important to know about them



IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is like a global decentralized filesystem, you can store files in a similar way as torrent, it is a protocol for a decentralized web, avoids censorship, and improves the concept of "web" in many ways

website - wikipedia


Mastodon is a kind of twitter replacement, decentralized and moderated using a concept of small groups instead of centralized entity

website - Wikipedia - Thanatermesis / Elive account


Instagram alternative



Decentralised chat system


Small Web (aka site.js)

A DIY project creating a decentralized server on your personal machine.

Mission statement on Smallweb.

Other projects / WIP


Meant to be the decentralization of social medias?



Improve this howto:

If you know more projects please add them to this list, we want to make a list of helpful resources but only add them if: they are truly decentralized projects, supporting the free speech of voice, avoids bots / manipulation / control, improves anonymity, and similar features... also try to include always the best alternative / option projects avoiding experimental or unfinished ones

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Skype alike: Jami, open source, no server, resilient; can manage conferences, big file transfers.... Needs only to create a name & pass...
Sessions for short messages, group chat, voice messages and light files, same conditions as Jami...

Gab or Gorf, as twitter replacement..?


dVPN: Mysterium

Note that protonmail (in the resources link) as in recent times, given IP from so-said-"green" activists to the so-called-french police... Normally avoidable if you connect to it only by TOR and their .onion link...
Tutanota can erase your email account on quite a simple "shout" of a lamba...