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Mate This is a “Take Screenshot” program i found on a distro using mate desktop. It’s very user friendly & useful. It has 3 option to take screenshot in the particular way. ELive has default Screenshot tool which just captures the whole desktop. If it also let us capture in the particular way it would be very helpful for the user.

If you use SHIFT + PRINT Screen you can select the area you want to capture.


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What could cause my Shift Print Screen to stop functioning ?

I logged out and back in and the Shit + Print screen is back :slight_smile:

Thanks… It really works :sunglasses:…Earlier I’ve tried Alt+PrtScr so didn’t work…


Print screen saves into the screenshot Folder and allow us to CTRL+V Paste the capture


Shift+Print Screen (Select area) does not allow to paste the captured image… Would be cool if it was too


Shift + Print screen selecting my 2 screens create a 445KB file
Print screen ( that is taking a same 2 screen) is 2 MB

Just reporting that as people will often use ELive screen capture tool to report problem, and that the ShiftPrint Screen one for some reason is doing a better job with size / compression

it is strange but paste not works for me either in any ways and the command used is the correct one, maybe this will be fixed with updated system



nice GUI suggestion, but with the tool of elive we don’t need it, yeah it lacks a gui, but in the end is much more useful this way, including all the features that can be needed

the only small issue is when the capture includes a “rectangle”, this is because of the composite layer, but you can avoid it by moving the mouse fast or even trying a new shot

if the user reads the hotkeys doc, will see the multiple ways to use it / features

tks for the tips ( going fast is doing the job to get rid of the rectangle)

elive screenshot tool updated hotkeys: Print Screen and Shift Print Screen - #6 by Thanatermesis