Default the installation with less options as possible

Hello everyone,

If Elive wan to arget a large audience, I think it would be easier for new users that the defaults has less questions as possible, less windows as possible during the installation.

Yes, it make sense to offer experienced users the possibility to customize (remove or add apps, use encryption , see the Command Line windows doing it’s magic etc) but not be the default for everyday users

So the only questions someone would have to decide is : Erase all disk or not, Language, keyboard, user / Password and name of the computer and then Reboot in Elive :nod:

I would put everything else in the Advanced installation mode

Just a few notes:

  • there’s an option at the first window which says “customized options” or “advanced options”, something like that… it is meant to ask less questions (so I assume this suggestion list is based on the non-advanced mode?)
  • even the advanced questions, are meant to be “understandable for everybody”, like “select FOO if you don’t know what to select” or descriptions about things (tell me if is not the case)

Yeah, list of suggestions for the questions of the installer very welcome :slight_smile:

Yes there are options (choices) to turn Off the " what I would call the advanced mode" but I would default that to the " DUMB MODE " ( Joke for the name). So Command line window, add or remove this app, etc…

Just brainstorming with all of you ( I am not sure myself if what I am saying here make sense)… To find a way for newbie and linux expert to both be happy if possible it is…

yes sure, there’s always things that can be improved (even the wording, which sometimes are long or confusing)

I can assume some things can be removed from the non-advanced mode, i have not tested it much, i always use advanced in my tests :slight_smile:

Sorry if I’m out of line here, but I came here knowing what I was getting into, because of my past off and on use of what I consider, a flagship distro of the enlightenment desktop.

I understand the importance of new users, but the ones requiring and easier installation, will prob be turned off by the dated software, and the lack of some hardware support in a older kernel.

Those of us with older hardware who think, xfce is still to bloated and blah, while joe and others lack a kinda flash our rigs deserve, appreciate a software written flashy experience enlightenment provides, and need the extra options to prevent our hardware slowdowns and provides quick boot-up times.

It also provides ridiculously fast performance on relatively new hardware
If you change the installer please do not eliminate the advanced options.