Dell xps17 install

Dell xps 17
Impossible to install on xps 17 first generation intel I5 6 gb ram
It's a superb OS but I can't install on ssd or hard disk
I have been trying anything bios legacy, i instaled grub to foorce boot but doesn't want to start.
Anyone who wants :eyes: to help me please???


So it seems you can run it on live usb or dvd boot?
Did you test installing with UEFI bios or do you need to stay with legacy bios?
How about the secure boot mode option: is it "on" or "off"?
During install process, did you choose personal HD/SSD partitioning, automatic, or other way, with default or different file system?


This would suggest that the installation actually took place but somehow grub has issues. Probably with UEFI settings.

To troubleshoot we would need to know in detail what really transpired and what messages you saw during the installation process. Hardware-wise there shouldn't be any issues so it's very probably a firmware setting.

  • Version of Elive?
  • Secureboot is enabled on your computer?