Desktop gadget to promote Elive

This is a very long time idea that I had, that could help a lot the promoting of Elive made by the users

It consists basically in a simple desktop widget/gadget, which will show the "rank" of Elive

if you ask "what is rank?", it will be based on the stastics of distrowatch, why: because its a very simple way to get these numbers in more or less coherent way, for example we are now at number 68, the goal would be to be at number 1 :slight_smile:

So, this gadget will show the number and also an up (green) or down (red) arrow, meaning if is increasing or decreasing. Clicking to the gadget will provide a menu with different options that are already planned to promote Elive, like "create a youtube review" or "internet article" or "wikipedia entry" etc...

This will of course would have nothing to do with distrowatch, not even fetching the values from their website (if will be fetch by the elive server and then the user's systems will use the value fetch from it, this means entirely to not alter in any way their statistics)

Question will be, people would use it?

In any case, sounds like a good way to motivate people helping make elive more known, like "there's a goal to reach" feeling

And of course, it will require some work, but is possible :slight_smile: (not for e16)


I would like it

Not a bad idea and it wont do any harm to try, albeit I have my doubts if this will have any long term effects.
OTOH it's a bit like those pesky Android Apps that want to be rated and raise a nag popup asking to do so. :frowning_face:

Only one long term solution IMO:

Community, Community, Community.


I'm inclined to agree with @triantares - and the good news is that this site is showing a steady uptick in activity, since the work on 64Bit began...encouraging. Now how to keep the momentum?


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Nope, @yoda will moderate that [with a little help from me] and us admins have to promise to be nice. :+1:

I know, but I want absolutely new users to fall over that info on the site. :smiling_imp:

  • Put it prominently first and foremost as download option.
  • And we admins then need a usable link to pm those we think fit to get it.

Until now I paid for a link every now and then so I could give it away.

don't forget