The developer elive site hasn't been updated since the stone age.

either we should make it redirect to a replacement site or keep working on it

(Just a suggestion, no pressure :slight_smile:)


(the reason I didnt type the link in the body is because, i can't put links in posts :frowning:)

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from where you meant the redirection? I meant, it is actually listed somewhere important that points to that site?

In short, the site is basically mostly used just to have control of what happens in eltrans (elive translator tool), there's not much more use of it except for a few nice articles that includes. So there's not really a need to update it, for a "development" site is better to just use git (github) at the moment :thinking:

about the "links posting" issue please try again, it should be whitelisted all the * domains now

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Well if

is true, then the nice articles should be moved to another site, like

Good points indeed however. :thinking:

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