Different profiles for the special effects of Ecomorph / compiz

Special Effects (ecomorph) was a bit bloated of effects, but we also wanted to show them!

So there's a new feature since 2.9.99 where you can select your desired profile:


How to use it in your actual Elive:

Note: If you did any configuration in Ecomorph, you will lose it

Deactivate ecomorph module if you have it enabled, and run these commands in a terminal from your user:

apui elive-tools elive-skel-default-all
elive-skel upgrade .ecomp


@grottem @subrms
@jfbourdeau you may like to betatest it to see that it is a smooth way of work now :slight_smile:


I’m just betatesting it and the experience to work in this new mode is gorgeous! :eyepopping:

I mean, smooth and fast! without crazy visual attacking the eyes


For newbies ? how to desactivate it ? Presently looking on how to do it

I wonder if that requires a FAQ, or how the users should learn these things… no idea

e-modules are “desktop (enlightenment) extensions / gadget / plugins”, you have them in menu -> settings -> modules

maybe I can write a “document introduction” pdf, but this leads to the second problem: nobody would reads documentaions lol

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I am presently downloading Elive from the link I received by email a long time ago. The link still works but it says 2.9.98 Will it update to 2.9.99 when installing ?

Will be using Elive Beta USB and DVD as i was unable to unload the Ecomorph using Settings Module Ecomorph, Unload... Freeze...

ok not doing the problem ( unloading ecomorph) when booting from the USB stick...

Will make more tests later

Is there a way to do it trough the GUI ? or only command line or at installation ?

I have been strongly working on improvements for different things, like the desktop and ecomorph, I suggest you to do a massive upgrade (apug) and even a new desktop configuration, then let’s try again

Also the next 2.9.99 will be greatly improved, specially for persistence, wifi drivers, hardware-based profiles, and many others


The full profile is the most eye candy and awesome experience I’ve ever had with an operating system gui. My sister, while I was installing elive on her laptop, was like “I don’t want any visual effect, they just always suck”
5 minutes using elive later “This is beautiful!”


My wife went crazy too with the effect LOL

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But what about the new profile “normal” when selecting the special effects? @jfbourdeau @stoppy98, it should not be an annoying experience actually, but a pretty usable feature (faster desktop, transparencies, exposé, all windows listing with live preview, etc)

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Can what you call transparencies, exposé be used in a multi monitor setup ? Or I need Ecomorph to use what you describe. What do you mean by exposé and windows listing live preview ?


yes you need it

These are some examples, you can see "expo" and "scale" for what I said before, and transparencies are "to make a window more transparent" 9 Most Useful Compiz Plugins | Tech Source

I think that all these things are shown in the "elive 3.0 designs preview" youtube video

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Normal is a pretty good option. Eye-candy, but not too much. Runs faster on a bit older hardware, but still awesome.

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I always find that a screenshot works best:


A document with more images than texts? that sounds good :thinking:

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I love when you make screen shot like this…
Whatever that we have animated GIF or screenshot, I think it always need to be short and fast to read/watch.

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