Difficulty creating a new Thread/Topic on this Forum

I always find it difficult to Start a new thread /Topic on this forum. Most times because the New topic button is hidden away . One has to scrounge around and usually I will give up when i have litttle time. I fail to report a bug. Is it possible to have that new topic thread displayed prominently on every window on this forum?

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I don't have this issue. What exactly do you mean by hidden away?

sorry for being brief i have 5 new topics and 1 unread one lol

I just confirmed your post to become public, btw.
Sounds, your browser causes that behaviour - may be check your add-ons (?)


I cannot find the tab for " New Topic" on the my profile page, even when i browse through many pages I cannot find the tab

Makes sense, i have some adblock, flash block addons that block ads. How do i unblock this.

click the adblock button, in my case there's a power button, there should be some way to toggle.

I don't have the same issue tho, you have something going on. :face_with_head_bandage:

The easiest way is to go to "latest" where you'll find the + New Topic on the top right of the page. :nod:

Great, finally ! Most times i stumble on it accidentally , Is it possible to enable that tab on at least the home page or most pages? or is that too troublesome? Thanks