Disabling Conky

WIthout using the Desktop Configuration tool where we reconfigure what we want, what is the easiest way to disable Conky ? On my Laptop it's taking too much display space.

Is the Desk Configuration tool ( don't remember the name yet) is the way to go, I'll simply run it

For now I just killed the process

Configure what you want to run on your file:

scite ~/.e16/startup-applications.list

its a very simple thing but maybe we need a gui tool for that in elive-center @triantares :thinking:

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Well a GUI for editing (i.e removing and adding entries only) is easy enough, Is 'conky' in startupapplications too?
Getting rid of conky once it's running is also simple: Do a 'Ctrl+Alt' and 'right-click' on it and choose 'close'. :smiley14:

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Conky was there, as when installing, I choose / clicked the option (wanted it to be there)
But after playing with Retrowave on my Laptop, decided to remove it... I removed the conky line, I,m ok

yes, to make things easy all the autostart applications are on this list

maybe not even a GUI is needed, just "scite file" can be enough, to make things easy for the user (again), the file itself includes an instructions header, maybe just a .desktop in elive-center that runs "scite FILE"

Update: now the header has a better wording instructions and also translated to the user's language

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Scite is a lot of things but NOT easy for an average user. For easy editing a GUI script from Elive Center might just be better. :thinking:
That was my initial vision for the Center: A place from where new users can change the system to their liking. A line like 'open the .e16/startup-applications.list with scite and edit it' will scare the living shit out of any novice user.
You want checkboxes with standard options maybe with a list of expected apps .... and an 'advanced' tab where users can enter their own or 3rd party stuff. Of course everything with a nice 'Cancel' button to chicken out.

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