Discord Systray Not Working

So I use discord and veracrypt. In E16 they used to be in a little systray in the upper-left corner of the screen.

I launched Discord just now, and...I can't find the systray.

I don't even know if Discord launched at startup; I doubt it.

How can I make it so that Discord launches automagically at login and where is the systray?

UPDATE:: I found both

For launching at boot: in main menu, go to Settings. All. Apps. Startup applications.

For the systray: right click on shelf, choose "Shelf" and then "Contents", add "systray", and reboot. It only seems to have the icon when e24 autostarts it, but I might be wrong. (EDIT 3: No, simplescreenrecorder is in the systray just fine when e24 doesnt autostart it, and the icon actually works :thinking:)

Slight issue tho: Discord is just being a warning icon, like so:

So How do I make it so that its the actual discord icon, and that when I have unread messages it puts a little red dot beside the icon?

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Ok so it seems like it now works for some stupid reason. Maybe it was still loading (for a few hours), I dunno.

Heres what it looks like:

EDIT: Seems like discord shows the warning icon all the time EXCEPT when i have unread messages aka the red dot is there. So I guess its an issue with the image file. Ill try another reboot later.

EDIT 2: Actually, the icon works when it's been there for about an hour, but then I get a message, back to warning symbol, even after I read the message, still at warning symbol. So I suppose it's an issue with loading the icon. I'll try a reboot later but I'm testing lrzip with an 86.9GB monero blockchain

just looking at the threads that i still need to read found this one...

should the title be changed? the category? maybe the entire thread is not needed anymore?

still have the discord systray issue