Do you like this Community? Keep alive this website

To maintain this community website is needed 120$ per year. Help this project by becoming a patron! - what is patreon?

I just registered as one your monthly Patreon/spsonsor.

Tks to the Elive team and continue the good work !
Let’s go gang, let’s make Elive one of the best Distro ! Elive should be in Science Fiction movie, Hacker Movie ,tc


Thank you! :smiley:

Now we need to add a “golden Badge” for the users in the forum that are Patrons :wink: , that would be a pretty nice thing to see in the profile of the users IMHO - What is a better name to use? “Sponsor” or “Patron”? (are they the same thing? do we should reference the word Patron?)

Patreon network call that Patreons,… Equivalent of Sponsors
What the video, it is cool


So if is the same, i preffer "sponsors" (sounds more professional and powerful, raises value)

Did you watch the complete video ?
The explain the story / etymology behind the word Patreon....

But I don't care about Sponsors or Patreons :slight_smile:

not really, no time lol