Donation once or always?

I would like to know if a donation allows me to download only the version I donated for, or also all subsequent versions of Elive.

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

You actually do not need to donate for 64-bit, if you keep participating in the forum people can give you a download-link.

The stable version is a 24-hour donate-or-wait mechanism. I don't know if it lets you download subsequent versions but I think it does — my link from September 2019 still works!

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Thank you for the answer.

In theory all subsequent versions of the Beta, using the same link....albeit that after time (thinking years here) a link (or a server) may change.
Stable and 32 bit Beta are free to download, only 64bit Beta asks for a donation, where a Beta (obviously) is a moving target but will also always be the latest and greatest to play with. :cheerleader:

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If I understood, paying for 64-bit Beta entitles you to the next Beta but you have to pay again for 64-bit Stable 4.0?

It is to know if including future donations in a single payment (more convenient for the bank) or keeping some money aside to pay again when Stable 4.0 is ready.

Stable 4.0 will probably be free. It will most likely be another donate-or-wait system...though if the bandwidth allows it hopefully we can do direct downloads. :happy:

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Thank you. If all messages answer my initial question, do I check "Solution" for all 3 or just the last one?

You can only mark as solution for one.

So check-mark the one that helped you the most.

No, you do not need to donate again, only if you wish to.

All donations are entirely voluntary and token to helping out in the development of Elive.
The download offers options for one time donations as well as recurring payments through Patreon.
Other options (non-financial) are to

  • Write a review or help out, in any way to make Elive more known to others.
  • Or help out here on the forum with testing experiences and bug hunting and/or advising others on topics you might be knowledgeable. Get Involved - Elive Forums

Keeping Elive development going requires a lot of effort and the donations are the only income that gets generated.


Hi @TheTechRobo,
I like this statement of yours! Should I participate a lot, show my best and keep waiting until someone sends me the link? Or should I myself ask from the top?


After you've been on the forum for a while, just ask a moderator (like me or @triantares or @Rebel450). (@Thanatermesis is too busy to respond to these)

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