Donation Page comments?

Am I the only one to find the **1 UP ** on the Home page, not good? Why not DONATION?

Also, any comments here? I would put the payment/donation buttons at the top ( bitcoin, PayPal, Patreon) and the Patreon orange SQUARE, I didn’t know it was a BUTTON we could click but more of a TITLE IN ORANGE…

So I would make this page more clear

DOnation button at the top, Next to Patreon, before they click, I would put a note syaing it is Monthly… Then they can click if they want

ok I just noticed there is another patreon button at the bottom…é

I would shrink/make everything smaller so we see all of that on the same screen and not have to scroll ?

This page should be improved, yes

About the 1up, that’s because different reasons:

  • trying to change the commonly known name “donate” that the people is too used / tired to read and their subconscious (probably) just skips from their mind when reading a website
  • 1up is descriptive in some way too (and I was testing how much it can improve this way)
  • to have a “donation” named link never worked (like 2-3 donations per year, from that place)
  • the name is much shorter (good for the size of the menus, we are also missing other future ones to add like Features)