Double click to open files - NO

The most annoying thing about opening a file is "double click". Why why why should I double click? I suggest that Elive should default to single click. Every time I install a new OS the first thing I do is change to single click. It's more natural and intuitive! Who invented this stupid double click hell? Who forced us to first click and then click once again. Hm... Is it just me?

Seems to be :rofl2:
Anyway, I don't even know the goodness of single click, how do you change that setting? Thanks :slight_smile:

"Every time I install a new OS the first thing I do is change to single click"

No offense, but why should Elive do it by default when the other OS don't do it? :wink:


I really do like the double click. I think it come from a time, where the world was such poor, the mouse has got only one button ...
I'm not the person who changed much on a system, I just need to be able to start a shell, then I'm feeling home.

Most time I have to work with a GUI such as a file explorer, it is to move files around. And than I want to choose some files and do an action on them.
So, If I think about it ... If 'select' will still with the [Ctrl] Button, I'm fine.

I often see that people single click on folders and files, but double click on the top menu. I wonder where this come from. Only a few people are doing it only one time wrong. At this moment I assume they are nervous, if a geek look at them.

I vote for @gtech:

No offense, but why should Elive do it by default when the other OS don't do it?

What happens on a double click, when you've changed the behavior? I think enlightenment is able to set the delay, so if it is above 25 ms, it should not be a difference if you'll single or double click the item?

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Me I'm prolly old fashioned.
I single click to "select" and then, if I want to ..... select multiple files with Ctrl or Shift or use Enter to open said file(s).

Single click activation is for browsers (follow links), not for the OS/Desktop IMO.


So why should Elive do anything at all that other OS.s don't??? Why use Elnightenment when nearly no other do?

The goodness is doing it the simpliest way! You would be very irritated if you when you had to turn on the light at home you had to switch on twice. Would'nt you?
You alter it under behavior in File Manager Preferences.

One thing that I love about Elive is that it seems to be a thought behind everything. Someone dared to think different, someone was not forced to do things in the way everybody else do it. I'm proud to belong in a community of people who dare to be different. I love thinking of why and how. And re double click - Less is more!

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Hm... you miss the point! I think a lot of people have fixed ideas of this matter. Why should you do a hack just to remedy a failure and it's not needed? Think of it, why doing things twice when it's enough with once? Where is the logic?

Yep. Seems so. :madness:


Well, for one:

Selecting multiple files (not necessarily in direct order) by using Ctrl and click would be extremely hard to do with only "mouse-over" as a selector i.e very error prone.
Single click is "only" logical for those that don't do much more than browse the web on their machine. If you really need to get work done, it just isn't practical ...... the combo 'click and keyboard' is very much more productive, as is single click and Enter more controllable than double click.

So: No, I disagree with your proposal.


Well, because Elive's name reflects "enlightenment live CD" not "single-click live CD"
A good chunk of people would just get annoyed by the single-click because most people are just used to double-click and really don't feel like switching.
It's like switching from Microslop to Linux -- most end-users don't feel like it.

I think that you should read a bit about the history of Elive to understand why it is different from others, and that's why there are hundred of Linux Distros these days.

It's also why more and more people are switching from Microsoft to Linux, and also from Apple OSX to Linux, etc... There is only one Windows OS, only one Mac OS and you have to adapt to these. With Linux, you can choose the kind of OS that you like, and change for another later if you want.

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Well, don't get it wrong,
the tone in our forum seems sometimes to be a bit harsh -
but it isn't meant always like it may sound;
additionally most of us are not native English speakers, therefore it's easy to get some wrong...

For the one-click 'technique' -
in Thunar you can adjust the click behavior by your own preference.
Also in the settings of Enlightenment are options to choose that comes close to your expectations as you mentioned on top herein.
In fact, @triantares pointed out very well,
why single click actions aren't set as default.

Actually you can get there where you want,
but you need to put a deeper look into the (numerous) options of Elive.

Elive is not re inventing the wheel,
but it is very different to other distros/Desktop Environments.

To be honest, also for me it's still tricky sometimes to get things done by walking on the used way to do it, then I realize that I have to do it different as before.
And why not! May be it's better as the usual way -
I found many interesting solutions on Elive that I didn't know yet - after more than 30 years experience as a professional.
On the other hand - some things gets me just head shaking.
What I want to say is just easy like this:
Elive is different
For some people there is learning curve in front -
but it's worth the effort, because
Elive is highly configurable, even so far,
that you can create your own "Fankenheimer OS" from it, and it's still working.
But actually I discovered lately that Elive even, or especially, with the pimped E16 DE as _temp default is more interesting than the mainstream DE's because it is a totally different concept at all. You can still feel the spirit of being on to the first UNIX DE.... (almost¿?)..

Anyway, enjoy your experience and don't miss to take a look under the skirt of Elive,
you are welcome there.


Yup! just you . Double click has a couple of other uses; 1. increase the number of and variety input actions during Computor Human interactions while saving on real estate. So, instead of putting another button on the mouse and making it look like a porcupine, double clicking can even further be programed to perform another action by varying the interval between the two clicks and ascribing a different function to each double click interval length. Pretty ingenius if you ask me.
2. Reason two was for protection against of executing an accidental command , so double clicking rapidly confirms that you really intended to perform that instruction, if you didn't intend it you could stop mid way and not complete the second click
3. On some finicky supper sensitive computors hardware like mine double click protects against accidentally opening too many files or performing to many unintended instructions which may clogg and freeze the system as may occur with single click. It acts as a failsafe mechanism
4. Finally just like not everybody enjoys pizza everyday , different people like different things, maybe used to different things at different times. You cannot dictate one size fits all for everyone and expect happiness. Just pick your slice of pizza and allow others enjoy their double slices. There is enough pizza for all of us :innocent: enough with the pizza analogies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I honestly hate single click to open files! THere are times where i think double click is annoying, but not when it's about opening files :confused: we (almost) all got used to the windows way after all i guess


You made me remember the first Mac my wife bought while I was still using Windows.
The mouse had no left or right click... it was a mouse click... :slight_smile: we had to push on the mouse itself to click. So I suppose it needed single and double click... I don't remember because my wife kept it less than a week and returned it to get a PC instead.
Now we have 2-3 and multiple switches mouses available. I have one... but I still like to use double click.

But maybe that on laptops it is easier to use double click, and also on tablets in fact, could be the real reason for me to still prefer double click for some things...

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