E16 cool "Window features" we do not take time to use and learn

I am using more and more :

  • Iconify WIndow instead of the Pager ( mine that was broken forced me, and I happy, to try iconifying windows). When a window is in the pager, most of the time we don't see it that well. And having some of your apps at the top of the screen is fast/easy to recognize. I still use Virtual Desktop for someApps and Iconify WIndows for others

  • Remember WIndow position, size, desktop : I often deal daily with a lot of windows and most of the time put them at the same place. So the REMEMBER feature you can associate to a KeyBoard shortcut or access trough right click on the WIndow top border or SUPER KEY (Win) in anywhere in the window) is cool. You favorites apps wil always open at the same place... YOu can also Activate the Track Changes features.

Play with e16 / enlightenment and learn it... I think some of you will not want to go back to another DE ( Desktop Environnement)


Correction LOL I need to also bring back my Pager as sometime I don't remember where I put some windows and the Pager would help... Instead of having to go through all Desktop or Alt - Tab

the iconifier of e16 is pretty nice, but for me is much more handy to manage virtual desktops :slight_smile: where i have a specific apps / windows / placements for each purpose

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