E16 desktop with integrated Suspend / Hibernate / Lock actions

So now the exiting menu looks like this:


And it does what you are expecting to do :slight_smile: in the correct way

How to get this new feature? no worries, in your next desktop startup elive-upgrader will take care of all :wink:

I personally am not 100% sure whether "Cancel" is the better option for "No". :thinking:

Considering you already have Yes, Shut Down and Yes, Reboot why not a No, Cancel or a No, Forget I Asked for the fun of it.

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I'm all for the No, Forget I Asked :madness:

Is this translatable within eltrans? :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, the buttons are bugging me - there are the centred lines...

...and then there's just No all by itself. :sniff:

Well that's the point, I kept using the old names for the other ones JUST because these names (sentences) has their official translations

so no it is not available on eltrans, is a source code project with their own .po files inside and their own way to manage it (probably developers or users sending a version of the .po file in their language and similar)

the "no" fits correctly with the question of the window, but yeah I would redesign entirely these sentences too... but i think its more important to keep them as translated to other languages :thinking:

unfortunately im not sure the position of "no" can be changed