E16, E24 Shortcuts

There is one thing i desperately need and do not get.
I've been a windows user for most of my life, so i'm used to open programs rapidly through windows/windows + r shortcut and then writing the name of the application. How do i enable such feature in E16 and E24? It's terrible having to click on the menu in plank / clicking on "run everything" everytime :sob:

Alt-esc. :coding:

But anyway - use e16keyedit for e16, and the built-in keyboard shortcut manager (in the e24 settings > input) for e24

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What you need is "rofi" as application starter (even kupfer will do) and a shortcut to start that as "rofi -show drun".
For E16 see my tutorial and create the shortcut (using "eesh") as you'd like.

For E24 I'm not sure (I use an icon) but there's definitely an option to add a shortcut through settings, there too.

That's pretty ugly tbh :joy:

Thank you!

That's kupfer. It works.

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