E16-Retro wishlist

I know I've got my wish list (some are do-able, others not so much) on how Retro should look and contain ... but others might have other ideas.

  1. Single Pager (Desktop switcher) top right as hallmark of all Elive releases.
  2. Dedicated "Settings" widget in dock/task-bar
  3. Systray in dock/task-bar or conky both tightly incorporated in Retro theme.
  4. Dock/task-bar NOT centered below (too macOS-like) but to the left and at 60-70%.
    This one's very debatable. :thinking:
  5. Own Elive (very simple) wallpaper by default
  6. Add retro themed "rofi" in place of "kupfer" for app search/start.
  7. Specific icon set to avoid messy panel/taskbar.

I'd be happy to hear other opinions suggestions. :dance:

I also have this preference, but the reason is not this way in e16 is because of the organization of the elements in the desktop, more exactly conky goes on that side, so the pager among conky will look bad, also, is important to remember that when a window opens (by default they are organized starting from the top-left in the desktop) they will hide the pager (or shift its position because of it), so the worse configuration for that issue is: top-right (worse n1), top-left (second place where it will be annoyed when opening windows), bottom-right (after to open 3 terminals, if you have 4 terminals per desktop will be placed here), bottom-left (last place where the windows will be put). Another reason is that the designs of the window-borders for the pagers are made on this direction, yeah we could add an extra design for the other direction but its work :slight_smile:

  1. sounds like elpanel, I like the idea, even if this will require some extra work :thinking: maybe we need to make a Poll to the people to know how many of them will be interested on that special version? (this will also create some pre-announcements of it)

  2. E16 has its own (well working) systray widget, why don't use this one? (it doesn't change anything in usability terms, but will allow the user to customize the desktop having it or not independently to the dock/task-bar dependency)

  3. people are not more used to this position? :slight_smile: i think if we are talking about usability is better to not change much what the user knows / expect, and in the case they dislike that option (like people unliking mac) they can reposition them by themself (minor number of cases than people wanting it in the common position), by other side I agree it will make a "different" feeling, I will need to play with this

  4. like what? including the elive logo? but remember that it will need to look very retrowave (and there's nice retrowave wallpapers to use :slight_smile: )

  5. I like this option (a replacement of kupfer), since I have seen that it uses a little of wasted resources, will need to experiment with the alternatives and see their features

  6. for the very retrowave fashion we will need to search for a retrowave icon theme :thinking: (warning: this is a delicate change that makes the usability of the OS confusing)

About wallpapers / icon themes / etc screenshots are welcome at #users:screenshots and then linked here :slight_smile:

Not if you have a shade/unshade toggle with the Win/Super-L key like I did in my minimal-retro setup. Have the stacking set to "above everything" and you call or remove it whenever you want.
Same can bee done for the dock/bar. It's much easier to access that way and avoids "losing" minimalized windows in it's reserved space.

Allready done in my custom-retro theme as mentioned in the tutorial.

If you're referring to the top left instance where the CD jewelcase was: That's really shitty, just stuck there in the middle of nowhere. It really needs to go away.

That is an unacceptable argument for a designer. :stuck_out_tongue:

I disagree, they are too "in your face" and personal taste dependent....too Windows like IMO.
What's needed is a pretty but extremely unobtrusive default wallpaper but is fitting for retro.
i.e something along the lines of this:

Thinking more of a general Elive icon bundle not specifically retro. :thinking:

Just realized another point seeing this screenshot:

  • If we keep "conky" as a sort of flag ..... we need to customize it totally to Elive, not the almost standard iteration we have now.

Consider making it less system directed (there's also nice dock applets for that) and more Elive community and news oriented i.e show for forum activity, availability of updates and upgrades, and such ... and of course the clock/time. :stuck_out_tongue:

At the very, very minimum, we need to have very specific release based icons on the dock/panel.
Not the jumble it is now.

Everything about a specific release design has just got to ooze care, thoughtfulness, coherency, promise and elegance.

Minor details matter enormously, they're where you notice the difference.

  • Choices can be controversial as long as they look good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another one:

Rename "Settings" in the menu to "System" or "Administration".

Enlightenment also having an own "Settings" in the menu (and the right-ckick menu) is enough to confuse any newcomer. :

On a side note:
Cairo-dock opening practically the same menu with the Elive icon is an unnecessary double feature.
Let the dock icon open something like "rofi" or "kupfer" or just remove the desktop menu. :thinking:

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And another one:

Create an easier GUI way to add a package to "packages-to-retain"
in case of future upgrades and the risk of losing personally installed stuff.

This is a good tutorial that can be used as a "GUIDE" for the beta / retro versions, some things looks a bit more advanced but stills good this way, it is the PDF updated? (it looks like), so I think it can be included in the Documents directory or even better, in the "hotkeys" launcher (so launching both pdf's)

Mmmh, in e17 we had "Administration + Preferences" (note they are 2 different things for 2 different purposes, one is for manage things and the other is for configure things), in e16 Preferences is called Settings. So maybe the best is to rename it Preferences like in E17 too and use that coherency?
("system" can be confusing and too generic, its more like used for apps, just like the "accessories" section)

good point, since it looks much more similar now it became useless, will remove it from cairo-dock, added specific menus tasks in asana

I cannot think in a more easy / simple GUI for that (I mean, how / what?), by other side I don't think many users are using this feature, in any case the list accepts commas, newlines, spaces etc so its pretty smart as "simple list" system. Do you have a specific suggestions for that (and not hard to implement?)

I was thinking along the lines of having it available as an app.
In the sense that if someone is contemplating a full new install, he/she could use it to add existing already installed programs (and a warning if the wanted retainee is not in the standard repos).
It would be an extra bonus for Elive compared to other distros IMO.

I think there are some minor diffs, i.e the PDF is derived from the webpage at triantares.ddns.net and I'm not sure it's 100% the same as the forum Howto.

I'll check in the weekend.

Just checked and cannot find any diffs. :smiley: