E16 themes (new ones)

I have just found that there's some activity on the main repo of themes, probably there's new ones too, anybody tried them? :slight_smile:

mentions: @triantares

Yeah, tried out most but none are really fitting for Elive IMO

I cannot remember all of them but sounds to me there's new ones :thinking:

by other side, the e16 themes that are packaged for elive (in other words: a good selection), are static versions, since there's changes on this repo maybe is a good idea to build updated versions of these themes based on these updates :thinking:

I do keep an eye on that repo (cloned it locally) and from what I see there were some changes there due to discontinued or redefined widgets and/or macros.

Most still have a very old fashioned feel or are totaly over the top with the border ornaments.

BTW I just found a feature that Elive 3.0 just had, "extra menu buttons" lol, try the "evolution" theme included in elive, you will see that :slight_smile: , its so cool!

i found that checking the 23ozglass theme that has "extra actions" on a slideouts file, but i don't know where these are meant to be shown :thinking: grep for Eterm on its source code and you will see

I don't see what you mean. :thinking:

Yeah saw those (somewhere else) and couldn't find what they do either. Think they should affect shading/unshading or the pager maybe.....or very specifically eterm.

The unity theme sets a DEFAULT_BACKGROUND too but doesn't show up on my e16.
It doggedly keeps to the previous user_setting. :thinking:

run the theme "evolution" and check the box in the border :slight_smile:

You mean those on the side, instead of in the title-bar?

I call that a waste of space and too small on my screen.


nope, the small box in the top, i think these things are the "slideouts"

Yeah, found a more clarifying one on "StarEnli"....pretty cool. :applause:


and slid out

  • azundris is quite cool (of course, how not)
  • bs-e very wtf lol
  • deepblue wtf
  • graphiti wtf
  • hacker not bad for a matrix style
  • heat not bad strange concept

enogh for today, tired

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Do you have that on changing themes, that font resizing goes a bit off?

Keeps changing on my machine. :thinking:

not sure to understand what you mean

note that some themes are not "well configured" for the fonts and they looks shifted (or maybe you just need to select the other type of font behaviour on the e16 conf, to use the provided ones for example), and check that you are using the traditional scaling of 96 dpi

Maybe these ones are worth to package:

  • azundris
  • heat

I stopped checking them here, more recommendations since "heat" welcome

Couldn't we just make a theme-finder app that scans the git repository, offers up the options and subsequently copies the chosen themes to ~/.e16/themes ? :thinking: