E16 wants to run an application at startup, where is this configuration saved?

Yesterday I have installed Elive 3.8.30 over 3.8.27+ on my mac mini. Everything went well, although of course you have to face and to deal with certain inconveniences like all installed programs on top of the virgin system have gone down the drain after the upgrade. I took the trouble to reinstall most of them, and everything is running well so far.

There is, however, one strange thing happening right after login every time: before I get to the desktop, I see some sort of generic wallpaper with an error message saying that liferea could not be found and launched. You can click it away pressing either ENTER or F1, and then the desktop appears, and other startup programs are being fired up.

Liferea was installed before the upgrade, but I did not install it again afterwards. It is not in the startup-applications.list either, and so I wonder from where the system gets the information and the command to try and launch it. I have looked around to the best of my knowledge, but to no avail.

Unfortunately I cannot make a screenshot, because the keystroke does not seem to work in the situation. Is there any other clue as to where I could look?
This thing is not really serious, but annoying in the long run...

Thanks for any inspirations...

I have an edit: having installed liferea again, it is launched after boot, although not being on the startup-applications.list in /HOME/.e16/
So what tells the system it should be a startup application?

From what I get 'liferea' is made to start up (in gnome) minimized in the systray.
How did you install 'liferea' anyway? I can't find it in the repos.

A next time make a list of the programs you want kept (providing they originate from the default Elive repositories) and add them to '/etc/elive/packages_to_maintain_installed'.

If you cannot recollect, you can always get a list of installed packages with: 'apt list --installed' and use that as a help.

I have installed version 1.13.5-3 through synaptic. On Github there are more recent ones, so I guess it must be from some repo.
And Liferea has been the only application with this behaviour. It used to be on the startup-applications.list, but it is deleted from there. Is there anything else in the system being able to trigger the launch of Liferea?
There must be. It fires up after login as if it were on the startup-applications.list like a couple of others which have an entry there, and if I remove it from the system, it throws an error message.

From your first post I surmised that it threw the error before the E16 desktop started:

Which opens up quite few start up options like '~/.bashrc' or '~/.profile' or maybe even a 'service'

"e16 remembers" feature, you may want to exit from your E16 desktop, go to your ~/.e16/ directory, and grep for liferea, its a "window remember" setting feature.

Or, you install liferea you can right click on it to re-configure its remember options too

Thank you, the "Remember" feature was the culprit. I have removed the check mark, although I myself never had put it there before. Does this happen automatically when you put an application on the startup list?

yeah the startup application feature integrated on E16 uses the remembers system