E16keyedit one key combination doesn't seem to work

Hello all,
First post. please be kind! I'have a lot to learn about Elive.

I'm trying to reassign CTRL+ALT+l key to MOD4+l with e16keyedit and it doesn't work at all.
But reassign to other combinations works. I can't find any conflict with other keys... Puzzled!

I'm using elive 64 bit on debian buster with E16 standard.

So anybody could tell me why I can't use MOD4+l to lock the screen ?


Hello and welcome to the Elive forum, where we try to have a small but friendly and helpful community. :smiley14:

The MOD4 button is the Super (Windows) key am I correct? Can you use other key combos that use the Super key? I can't find anything that would conflict, but then again, I'm no t at an Elive computer. (My main Elive PC has a terrible battery, Elive gave it another half hour or so but it's still not great, so I'm using a Chromebook.)

It looks like "MOD4" aka "Super_L" (or R depending on which side of the space-bar) or Win key isn't available as a key in a combo --- only as a "modifyer" key on E16.

Thank you, it explains the problem.
I'll keep the default CTRL+ALT+l for a while.

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