Easytether connectivity

Salutations and thank you for this GNU system its amazing.

One of the issues that I have to resolve is conectivity when and only when I lost my wifi at home (like now) or when traveling. I have always use easytether. I would need advise on this matter. Is there is any way to make easytether or any other platform to work?

Easytether pro from mobile-streams n works just fine on 1204 n 1404 but not on Elive.
With the latest update things kind of move alone but not really. It's making the connection but nothing displays...

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Thank you :slight_smile:

What does exactly easytether? it is like a "fallback to a different connection method" (like connecting with the phone when wifi fails) ?

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Ooooh, I remember tethering, using my ol' Palm Treo. :blush:
One connected (tethered) the phone over USB (at first only serial) to a PC or laptop and then accessed it as a modem using AT strings.
Lots of provider (and country) specific modem strings that could go wrong. :nauseated_face:

Since Android has made it dead easy to just share a connection as a temporary hotspot I've happily pushed that from memory.

Elive included an own tool called 3g-dialer which you can found in the connections menu and it is very handy to use the providers configurations :slight_smile: but it has been not tested for around 10 years lol