Ecomorph in oracle virtual box, is there a way?

Is there a way to fully use Ecomorph in a VM if we realy want to ?

Is it Ecomorph or Enlightenment that is responsible for windows transparency, exploding windows, rotating CUB when switching WorkSpace ?

Tried to turn On 3D graphic acceleration from VBox but it didn’t change anything…

Not possible

The effects you said is ecomorph

If I’m not wrong; there’s messages in Elive that explains that is not possible to use them in vbox, tell me if is not the case or these messages needs improvement

Yes there is a message about it… But I didn’t wanted to believe it LOL / wanted to find a workaround if it has been possible… not that important. Just cool for people running it from a VM


that message has been made by Elive because/in-order to tell exactly that, virtualbox dont allow to use these effects (otherwise it would have been a message with the steps required to do it)

i mean, the not-possible-to-work state is exactly the reason of why the message has been created

The problem dealing with former IT is that they are sometime a pain in the b… lOL I heard so many times " IMPOSSIBLE" in my carrear and found work arounds, that It is hard coded in me LOL Even if I know you know what you are doing, a lot more than me, It’s in my dna to try find a way… But as mentioned, it is not that important CASE CLOSED :slight_smile:

the reason of why not works is because of a limitation in the “3d drivers of virtualbox”, maybe works in a future version but not actually