EL 3.8.18 - Random Hardware devices missing on each reboot

Was running 3.8.17 and experienced this problem. Upgraded yesterday to 3.8.18, but still the same

On each reboot either only 2 of my 3 Displays are available, or when all 3 Displays are available, then my Onboard RJ45 Network device is not working, and I have to switch to Wireless

It is always the Display connected to my usb-c port which disappears - never my main laptop display or display connected to the onboard HDMI port.

As it is now, all 3 displays are working but my Onboard rj45 network interface cannot be brought up

~ ❯❯❯ sudo ifconfig | grep enp4s0 1
enp4s0: flags=4163<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu 1500
~ ❯❯❯ sudo ifup enp4s0
ifup: unknown interface enp4s0
~ ❯❯❯

Any suggestions/ideas to debug this ?

(64Gb RAM/ i7 Processes/17" Display, and 2x 27" external displays)

I can imagine that the USB-c port gets brought up in a late stadium of the boot process and prolly will disconnect too when the machine goes into suspend/hibernate.

As for the network commands, I'd start using the "ip" command as "ifconfig" will soon be deprecated.
i.e "ip addr show" to see all the interfaces and to bring up the interface: "ip link set enp4s0 up"

Or try using "dhclient enp4s0"` to let dhcp set the IP addr once the interface is up.

Worryingly both network and USB-C interfaces rely on udev to be brought into action.

If everything worked before 3.8.17 it might be worthwhile to downgrade the kernel and see if that will keep everything running smoothly ....... or upgrade to the very latest. :nod:

As for debugging I'd check the syslog files as well dmesg for errors in relation to what's happening on startup.

Thank you - ""dhclient enp4s0"" seems to do the trick

I always used "ifup enp4s0", but even after enabling it with "dhclient enp4s0" , ifup still complains about the device. But I'll ignore that for now

~ ❯❯❯ sudo ifup enp4s0
ifup: unknown interface enp4s0
~ ❯❯❯

I don't even have "ifupdown" installed on my 3.8.17 so did you install that yourself?
Like I said, along with "ifconfig", it'll be phased out.

IIRC "ifup" requires the interface to be available in "etc/network/interfaces"