Elive 3.7.16 vs. Thinkpad R500

Today I've got enough wine in my head to decide to kill FreeBSD to make place for Elive 64bit ...

  • Downloaded
  • Copied to USB:

dd if=Downloads/elive_3.7.16_alpha_hybrid_amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=16M
212+0 Datensätze ein
212+0 Datensätze aus
3556769792 bytes (3,6 GB, 3,3 GiB) copied, 842,317 s, 4,2 MB/s

  • Booted
  • Looped

It doesn't matter which option I am using or manipulating, the maximum is:

Loading /live/vmlinuz... OK
Loading /live/initrd.img...

.. and the Boot Menu again.

The hardware is okay, I've already installed an Ubuntu, Debian Buster, FreeBSD the last two month.

There is no UEFI or SecureBoot.

Hard drive Direct Memory access (DMA): Enabled
Intel SpeedStep technology: Enabled
SATA Controller Mode: AHCI
Intel Virtualization Technology: Enabled
Intel VT-d Feature: Enabled

Tomorrow I will take a deeper look.

This seems to be pointing to the .iso on your flashdrive.

Maye superfluous but did you checksum your download?

Personally on USB I prefer "bs=4M" size ..... so that might be worth a try too.

Thanks for the hints. I used this stick for another project last week, to install Proxmox and OpenMediaVault. But today I've changed the stick and the blocksize parameter to bs=4M and it booted lovely. I'd think the stick doesn't play well with the laptop and/or Elive, so it shouldn't be an Elive issue.

I'm working in bed, right now, so I'd love to see the message 'please don't shake the system, while elive is running. It could damage your hard disk'.
The installation itself needs roundabout 55min. Now I need some time for the customization.

So far it looks really good, and I'll test all the hardware during the next days.

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sometimes the problem is simply bad-quality usb sticks

I think that this info should be clearly said on the website too, in order to avoid issues like this :thinking:

BTW i suggest to use usb-bootable-elive tool (from commandline if you preffer), it may be a bit more secure to not pick a wrong usb ID, check the available options with --help

I think, considering the newby questions we get here in general:

  • No-one reads the site thouroughly if at all !!

So there's no point in adding stuff ...... the Q&A and Docs have to be set up differently, i.e clearer, shorter (do not want to write a book!) and lots of images.