Elive 3.8.34 Beta Cybertechno vs Retrowave

I installed Retrowave on my Laptop and another PC because I liked it's interface.. ANd Elive foundation too ( quick, light, stable)

Now the the "Cybertechno" icons are now available to 3.8.34 :

  • Is there any reason I should stay on Retrowave ? No I think
  • is there an easy upgrade path for me from Retrowave to 3.8.34 (more recent kernel etc If I get it right... And long term update path)

Is there somthing I will loose if I do so ?

Nothing special to do ..... just let the machine do the work and if you don't want to wait just use 'apug' or 'api gnome-icon-theme-cybertechno' if you haven't got them already.

The 'cybertechno-icons' aren't specific for any release and can be used on any Elive version ..... I just repaired and added some to be usable for a next (3.8.34) release.

It's only about what is installed and run by default .... you're always free to customize in any way you want.

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But for now 3.8.34 and Retrowave are both on bullseye ?

As of now, there is no difference between 3.8.34 and Elive Retrowave ?

As I'M rusted, I though 3.8.34 BETA was running on a more recent kernel etc then may be my recent laptop could run better etc

~ ❯❯❯ lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID:Debian
Description: Elive GNU/Linux 11 (on Debian bullseye)
Release: 11
Codename: bullseye
~ ❯❯❯ cat /etc/os-release
PRETTY_NAME="Elive 64BIT stable 3.8.32"
VERSION="3.8.32 (EliveRetro)"
~ ❯❯❯

3.8.34 does not exist yet....unless you have a time-machine or go into hibernation in a bear cave.

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3.8.34 will be almost the same as 3.8.32

but talking about next beta's, you don't really need to reinstall, so elive automatically upgrades itself in the best / smart way

if there's new software or packages included, then you need to install them yourself or reinstall the OS, but that's not very common

on the other hand it is actually suggested a reinstall but not in every relase, let's say every 10 releases, the system is more clean and there's a few things that could be included only when reinstall (there's a specific thread talking about that)

if you ask about bookworm especifically, you must simply watch the elive news to knew -when- it will be added (then yes, you need a reinstall, or at least is the suggested way for this upgrade)

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May I recommend you to stop using that word?

It keeps on popping up in the strangest of places in texts and publications.
Use 'recommended' or 'advised'.

There is a serious difference between i.e a "suggestive gesture" an a "recommended gesture" ..... but not always. :madness:

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