Elive 3.8.8_ß AMD64 | e16 | Nemo as FileManager | Cairo-Dock pimped |

Actually not a real Enlightenment anymore;
but it works fine ......

see also the cursor ....

( @triantares will beat me, I know ....)


Looking good matey. :w00t:

Doesn't having 2 cairo-docks (top and bottom) give issues with a accessing the top menu of the windows?
Or diminish available screen space? :thinking:

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on this display it's fine,
but on a NoteBook .... :disbelief:

Surprisingly is Nemo his job quite well,
am so used to rename files/folders with just a long click on namefield, I don't wanna miss it anymore.
Then the double space in one window is making the day sweet.
Sry, but Thunar ...... :weary:

It's how you setup Cairo,
it needs a deeper look in the settings to make you happy.

If you are very sweet with me,
I would share a link where you could do the Cairo setting, the self-made iconset (!!!!!) included.
Just import the file in Cairo, there is a dialog for it, just btw

Also the other admins/ mods - and may be,
just may be - @Thanatermesis , too.....

I simply hit F2 and start typing, Much more ergonomic and speedier than making mileage with a mouse.:madness:

I know, that's how I install my cairo-dock theme to go with the gtklight theme. :wink:
It's on github BTW:

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But, you know -
am a
"Nagetier schiebender Ikonen-klicker"
(sry, no English translation possible without missing the joke inside)

"rodent pushing icon clicker" will do. :w00t:

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