Elive 3.8.8_ß_amd64 running on a 10 year old Acer Aspire One (AMD; ATI)

for being honest -
actually I just wanted to put the SSD from a Medion AMD 64 bit machine into an old and weak Acer NetBook with a weak equipment....
On the SSD was still the 3.8.8_amd64 installed.
After I build the SSD in, I was curious what it will do with this system - and .....

Running fully operational out of the box

( I thought thisone is a 32bit machine, but ...)

Even Firefox ESR is running hot like hell, unbelievably ..



Looks great.
I love to move a system complete to other hardware and in worst case I need to go back to vanilla kernel to get it booted. And Elive got a great hardware discovery, not only during setup. Makes a lot of hardware changing as simple as it should alawsy be.
Lately I've done it often with Windows10, too.And it worked 7 of times. But if it breaks, It's nearly impossible to rescue without reinstall.

... but Skype in the Repo? I don't think it will live long, teams will replace it, soon. My opinion, without any source.

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Another image;
Elive 388_ß_amd64 in Dual display mode=
HDMI display set as secondary screen;
running sm tube, handover to sm player...
plays in HD without any lag (!) sound is fine and also synchronized with the frame rate :+1:

Amazing, what you can do with " obsolete" computers, ah ?!? :wink:

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Yes it does, it takes the word "obsolete" out of the dictionaries :rofl2:
Imagine if commercial companies knew about this, they could sell a win95 PC for $499 with Elive and no one would know :wink: