Elive 32 bits to LOCK or SLEEP when we close lid

I had to reinstall ELive 32 bit on my slow laptop.
Again, Elive 32 works so well....

when I close the lid / screen, when do we configure actions to take ? (Lock, sleep etc)

If I remember well, it can sleep without swap space but not hibernate ?

yeah, hibernate uses swap to keep an image of where you were.
Frankly, I'm not impressed by what it does but i.e my daughter at university likes it because it enables her to simply close the lid and go to the next class or have a break and .... go on where she left off. :smiley14:

so your daughter use hibernate or simply close the lid and the laptop simply dim / shut the screen off but not going to hibernate ?

I choose the defsult ELive 32 bits insallation with " encryption". Can it still hibernate ?

If there is no swap partition I think the OS simply need a SWAP file ? And some command ca be done after the installation ? (only think left to check is if encrypted installation can allow that).
System monjitor show SWAP NOT AVAILABLE

I think I get what you're writing there ..... but you're not making it easy. :madness:

But yes: Any which way you need a swap partition to hibernate.

Probably it can be done to hibernate to some other place using geek witchcraft incantations but it won't be easy. :scream:

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Should @Thanatermesis during installation ask if people intend to use Hibernation, if yes, do some voodo magic to allow it / install it the right way ?

and if encryption does not work well with Hibernation, then to mention it ?

Sleep mode and Hibernation are important to Laptop users.... For some at least

Only if you're short of RAM.
So in answer to your question:
Yes, I think this should be mentioned.

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actually the installer does all that :slight_smile: in short:

  • automated install: includes hibernation
  • manual install: explains that adding a swap is needed to hibernation

BTW I recently tested hibernation and suspend and they works on my computers, but of course using:

sudo hebernate --suspend
sudo hebernate --hibernate

which are the elive wrappers used in the stable version, they will be better integrated for the future e23+ desktop btw (e16 is more tricky, but you can still use them as how they are set by default i think)

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