Elive boot sounds

No promises, but what kind of bootsound (like, what theme or something) would be good for the 4.x releases?

I might be able to pull something nice off.


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Oh, NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Silence is gold! :innocent:


Sorry, but I'll have to disagree with you

I spent about ten minutes typing in elive-boot-sound into the terminal (set to random) just to hear the different songs.

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DISAGREED. :ohmygod:

In full. :mwahaha:

I vote for this one:
( ping @Thanatermesis : check out his site, impressive..)

I just invited that guy to become a part of us ....... :typing:

let's see


@Franc :

you are free to switch your speakers off

:madness: :laugh: :nanana: :applause: :dance:

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Ho, boys!

You seems to much enslaved by micro$haft or wormed apple if you can't live without a horrific "BLING" noise when starting a computer! It's became a Pavlov effect on you and your brain can't figure out a computer without an noise chain telling all around you "See: I paid & will for it!"!
It's "only" a commercial advert for slaves to slaves!
Well, it's true too that it's so surprising for such a "gas machine" to simply start, a little before some "blue screen of-the-death-that-kill", that it deserves to clame this lame success with a weird noise...
If you are so nostagic of your salvery, at the limit, you can run some Jimmy Hendrix Blues at Elive start!!!
I am a fan of J Hendrix & his magic guitar playing, but certainly not when starting a computer...
Only noise I can afford at start is the FD device's "click-click" of a good old Amiga, but here it's just a technical thing (and there's tips to shut it off as well if there's a DD)... :wink:

:upside_down_face: :wink: :laughing: :innocent:


And yes, on some machines, I unweld/unplug/cut internal speaker/buzzer if needed..! :-p :wink:

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@Franc ... --> :meditate:
You seems not to understand the artwork of Elive in this sense.
But if you like silence - good.
Aint me, so ...
Everyone can use his stuff by his gusto.
If someone dislike sounds - just turn it off in the theme settings.
If someone likes crazy sounds - just enjoy it without the need to search for it.
Easy ... :smiley14:

I never understood Jimy Hendrix - but George Clinton ! :madness:

:rainbowyay: :rainbowyay: :runaway: :shocked:



Except unlike the mac and windows, elive boot sound it pretty


so yeah

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Well... a good answer was... NONE :wink:

I like to have to look if my ssd loaded minipc has started or not.
But... I like the lighting in the keyboard...

My iMac has a loud one that could wake up anybody in the middle of the night... I know, my wife told me before :slight_smile:

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Under Linux, there's a command line to set it off; or if tere's still somewhat macOS on it, mute sound before stop it and it's ok (with normal sound in Linux)... :wink:


You got:
See my first reply and cut on the address given,
there is also a sound-theme explained

Any result? Another Software Engineer would be good for elive...

Alas - not yet...

:sniff: :ohmygod: :disbelief:

Maybe he gets a lot of emails and hasn't seen ours...wishful thinking @TheTechRobo

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