Elive debian base

The first time I try a live Elive some of my hardware is not recognized and this is due to the too old version of the Linux kernel. I understand that this distribution is light and tries to seduce the old computers but I think that the debian base and the licked theme can seduce everyone.
Using an older version of the kernel and older stable debian version would force users to do without good numbers of applications and this can scare away future Elive users.

So I wonder:
What complications to switch to the latest stable debian, a new kernel, recent applications and what is Elive waiting for to do as of the next release of Elive 3.0?

For Enlightenment, i understand that E17 is more stable and a good choice.

@Thanatermesis Told me that after 3.0 is out, he will be working to provide a 64 bits version of Elive but I don’t know on which version od Debian it will be based… I’ll let him feed us on that…


We can read this on the Elive website :

As you may know, Elive uses Debian as base, but not like a fork or a hack like what Ubuntu did, it’s more like an adapted customization of Debian, keeping the maximum compatibility with it. You can install Elive very fastly and optimized for every computer and use it for a server or any other purpose, so you can enjoy of the amazing features for terminal unique in Elive.

So I wonder if we can upgrade to a newer version of the debian base… Has anyone ever tried it? I think debian is stable enough to handle such a jump… Or not?

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Don’t try ! :slight_smile: Wait for @Thanatermesis comments about that… I Think it could break " STUFF" and make your Elive unstable… I replied in case you wanted to try before he reply LOL

I will not try to do that for now but may be in a virtual machine. I’m curious to see what it might give.

It is not possible to update Debian for 3.0, this will lead to a never-ending work which 3.0 will be never released (previous stable version is 8 years old… no comments lol)

Trying to upgrade your system to newer debian will break it, is not about uncompatibility but about that Elive has 2500 own packages but they are in/for the branch wheezy, this means there’s not for newer debian’s built yet, so which leads to a uncompatible upgrade of packages, hte only way is to re-do all the work and build new packages for the newer branches

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Okay, I understand…
2500 packages shows that Elive is not just a debian with Enlightenment on it but that there has been some work done behind.

At this rate you know that we have about ten years to see Elive based on Stretch XD I say this to tease you.

But seriously, how do you see things evolving? Can packages be built from debian7 to debian9 directly without going through debian8?

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LOL LOL LOL So funny

That just remembers me that is writed in the new homepage for the elive website :slight_smile: :smiley: , i think that the info is pretty well structured (going to switch it soon! but i was distracted by this new forum website lol)

You may like to make a look to it :wink: (only homepage available, in a tests site)


Sssh this site is secret :speak_no_evil:

Yes, this can be faster, useless to do the work twice, in fact i plan to be based in Testing as a first time

Well, it is true lol

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note: new FAQ section added, with voting features & posts are wikis, feel free to improve them

you can try. 1 out of 6 times i tried it i broke the system (luckily you can easily reinstall elive in upgrade mode, which will repair your system and you won’t even lose your browser’s delicious coockies!), and anyway you must avoid to use all the elivecd repos if u switch to jessie (or even stretch). But at that point, you’d rather install bare bones debian and run enlightenment on top of it.
But it’s doable, debian is amazing exactly because you can update it even while running, so if, fo eample, you use it on a server, you won’t have to make your clients experience down time!
Migrating from 32 bits to 64 (cross grading if i’m not mistaken), however, is a whole different story, and well i haven’t been able to cross grade yet without screwing something.

Anyway, in both cases, i don’t think it’s worth the effort… In the first case you will have to give away to all the elive’s packages, and anyway it’s a endless work since it’s not just like upgrading bare bones debian cause of personalized packages,. In the second one… well it’s not a good idea even with vanilla debian (rather back up /home and reinstall everything)

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