Elive E16 on PinebookPro

Not sure anymore whether I posted my actions on installing/running Elive and E16 on the PinebookPro arm64 laptop.
So before I carry on I'll share my actions:

Currently the whole thing is on hold but I'm thinking of going at it again soon .... depending how much time can be freed. :thinking:


Looks like a ton of work....

Damn, that's a lot of work. Nice! Now we just have to put all that work into an elive version. :1up:

Also ... You called yourself "lazy" inside that webpage... This is an insult to me considering I wouldn't even think of doing that much work. :laugh:

Lazy as in not wanting to do repetitive stupid tasks. :madness:
That's the reason why people write a program or a script in the first place.

On a side note:
I suddenly remembered that all the packages on the Live image are listed in "live/filesystem.packages". :wow:
So that's a little less work. :smile_cat: